Sunday, December 16, 2018

If you need a repair, there is a new address and process to follow:

First of all, you will now need a short form filled out that goes along with your repair items that simplifies the process.  Second, you will use the following address:

Division of PromarkBRANDS
1268 Humbracht Circle
Bartlett, IL  60103-1613

Download the new repair request form here:  Repair Request Form


In 1976, Lumedyne moved to the factory in Port Richey, Florida.  Bill Vogt was able to bring his dream of building a better portable flash system to reality and for his company to flurish for over 46 years only due to the continued support of photographers from around the world.  When he passed away in 2000, it was again the photographers and their dedication to Lumedyne who helped DJ LaDez transform the company during these last two decades.

Hundreds of thousands of Lumedynes have been sold throuout these years and the majority of these are still in service.  When you need new batteries or some repairs of the electronics then you can now contact PromarkBRANDS and follow the new repair protocol.  A new section of the website will eventually be dedicated to Lumedyne, but for now, the information regarding repairs is also true for Lumedyne repairs.  Check out this webpage for more details: 

If you wish to ask customer service questions, you can reach out to Patrick at: 

Thank you from the Lumedyne team.


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