Back From The Black

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Here at Lumedyne, we have seen many storms over the years and this one was not the worst one for our property.  After Hurricane Irma had come and gone the real damage could be assessed.  It's true that we suffered minor roof damage, and fortunately DJ was able to repair that with a little help from a friend.  Mostly the damage was related to shingles that flipped or broke during the windy gusts that shock the building Sunday night.  Even our big old oak tree seems fine and only lost a few small branches.  

We had no flooding outside but the carefully arranged sand bags in front of the garage bay doors did an effective job of blocking the water... inside.  As the storm passed it drove water hard against and through the seams in the roll-up doors.  Between that and what water went "inside" the sand bags as it ran down the outside of the door, we started to have a small flood only inside Lumedyne.  Fortunately I discovered it before it got too deep and went outside during the storm to remove the sand bags as there was no flooding from outside.  The water drained right out ASAP then even though some was still spraying in through the door seams.

So, other than a mess to clean up, the property and our neighbors were not so bad off.  In fact, most of them kept power on and full functionality of their facilities.  My closest neighbor had no shingle damage but did lose a large aluminum patio-roof they have had on the back of their building for many years.  It looks like it was picked up folded in half and flipped over onto the ground.  I will help them to demolish and dispose of it next week.  Otherwise, it has been good to see neighbors helping each other.  Another neighbor lost his flag-pole, it snapped off at the bottom but luckily seems to have fallen just onto the ground.

My condolences go to those who have lost much more and suffered more headaches than we have but it has been a real challenge to keep up a positive attitude through this very long five days.  Some folks here in Florida and those recently in Texas have lost so much more than a week's time and some comfort, so I am grateful.

Here's to a strong recovery for all of us!     :-) 

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10/25/2017 6:49 PM
Keep it up!

Life shall go on and moments to be captured!