Officially 45 Years Old!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sometimes it is said that necessity is the mother of invention.  If so, then desperation is likely the father.  This new website is a great example.  We have wanted a new website for years.  It has been started numerous times but fallen short of completion.  And there are lots of delays...  But here it is, finally! I admit that we might have delayed more if we were not having technical difficulties with the old website.  At least, technology was leaving it behind.

We had heard from a number of you that our old website was crashing and that made you question if we were still in business.  I hope that a fresh new web page helps reinforce your confidence as well as helping find some new things that you want to buy.  Please, let us know how you think that we can continue to improve our service to you.



As we have watched so many changes in the photo industry, we hear many of our photographers telling us that they no longer have a local dealer to help then buy their Lumedyne equipment.  As they are forced to buy it via mail order or on-line, then they wish they could get items directly from us.  This website is developed to do that. Our dealers may offer better prices or better shipping prices or conditions than we have here, they have the right to offer some discounts.  We hope to represent the product well here and we hope that you will use our site well to your advantage.

As we appreciate that you would take the time to read our first news article, we want to offer you a special coupon code for your first order on this new website.  Yep, just type in "flasher2017" when you check out and receive an extra 10% discount on all the list prices of new equipment and 5% on refurbished equipment.  That seems news worthy but we hid it in this feature to see who was really checking us out.

Thanks for your extreme level of attention.


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