With Lumedyne joining the PromarkBRANDS company, there is a new address for the repairs to be sent to for an estimate. Please do not send repairs to the old address in Port Richey because those will be collected and then forwarded to Bartlett, Illinois and then the process will have taken much longer than needed.
Lumedyne Joins PromarkBRANDS -Friday, December 14, 2018
As of mid-December of 2018, Lumedyne has joined the group of 10 companies owned and operated by PromarkBRANDS in Bartlett Illinois. The change is immediate and special attention should be paid for sending repairs because the address has changed. DJ and Yvonne LaDez will not officially be involved after the changeover takes effect, but DJ will be doing some consulting to insure as smooth of a transition as possible.
Extra Small Heads have a recent Video -Tuesday, May 30, 2017
OK, it's not a flashy music video production... It's just DJ showing you the features of the Extra Small Heads. Check it out, he also shows you the Bowens Pro Plate Adapter. Yea, it's cool. These Flash Heads have been available for over a year and have become our most popular design either for size or price. These are great little Heads!