Extra Small Heads have a recent Video -Tuesday, May 30, 2017
OK, it's not a flashy music video production... It's just DJ showing you the features of the Extra Small Heads. Check it out, he also shows you the Bowens Pro Plate Adapter. Yea, it's cool. These Flash Heads have been available for over a year and have become our most popular design either for size or price. These are great little Heads!
The price that you see here on our website of the new Extra Small Heads is a great value. It's the lowest priced Flash Head that we offer but it is not short on quality or features. It is a smaller Head than the others and the flashtube and reflector are surely bigger than the electronics portion at this point. But this is the full power alternative when you want a small Flash Head on a boom arm or a camera bracket. We have sold a lot of these simple because they are less expensive, but they have unique features that make them at least as valuable as the larger Heads...
Officially 45 Years Old! -Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Now that we've crossed the actual March "birthday" Lumedyne is cruising into turning 45 like a champ. "It's time to rev things up before we hit the big Five Oh" according to DJ LaDez who is running the company. "Out with the old and in with the new!" is the current theme and they've already cleaned up a lot of space to make room for new opportunities. New products and new industries await.