Shipping, Warranty and Returns

Based on years of experience we have estimated the shipping costs and we expect them to be fairly accurate.  These costs are based both on the actual weight and the dimensional weight of the products because large lightweight items are charged extra just because the box is big.  Remarkably, many of our small shipments are charged more by the size than the weight because our equipment is lightweight.  However, it is possible if you see a high shipping quote in the event that some of the dimensional math has malfunctioned and please don't be alarmed.  We will never steal your money and if the actual shipping cost is considerably less than the quoted price it will be reflected in the charge amount.  We will NOT add extra costs for your shipment if we have under-quoted you the actual shipping rate. 

Because of this and various other reasons, international shipments outside of the USA must be completed manually with human assistance so that we can get your real shipping price.  Please continue your shopping experience until you're ready to purchase and contact Lumedyne directly for your international shipping quote.

Please remember, we are a small family company who is not Amazon™.  We pay normal small company prices for our shipping and so we often recommend the USPS Priority Mail deliveries.  These work out very well for single item shipments where the size, weight and value of the item are not too high.  UPS gains the advantage as shipments get bigger, heavier or more expensive.  In order to get this new automated on-line system up and running, and to automate your shipping quote, the system will make a guess at the price of the shipping based on our best guess for the real cost.  The real time conditions may cause us to select one company over the other based on delivery speed and cost.  Express shipments are done at a premium price but will receive premium speed processing and shipping options.  The system has a moderate region of price estimation for the final express shipping price.  Just contact Lumedyne directly, in advance of your order if needed, if you feel there is an issue that is causing an unusually high shipping quote in the automated system.  You can reach us at 727-847-5394 or



We want to avoid new product returns:

If you are considering buying this system to "check it out" and decide if you want to keep it, then please contact us about a special rate for a weekly rental rather than open up brand new product packaging and then just return it for no real reason.  We will offer you special very low rental prices under these conditions.  Please just contact us, we will gladly help you.

Plus if you do already own Lumedyne gear, remember that we often have loaner equipment available for free (shipping only) if you experience a failure and need gear before yours can be repaired and returned.

We test our equipment thoroughly and we hope that we have made it photographer proof.  Of course we hope that you will do your part and keep it away from wet experiences and dirt (beach sand is the worst) and the hazards that such outdoor equipment faces but hopefully does not succumb to.  If there is a failure while under warranty, we generally don't question the first time, "what happened?" as if to suggest that it could have been an accident on your part and not a failure from our equipment?  We do try to make it durable against all kinds of bumps and bruises.  

We also try to provide exceptional human service, especially during the first few years, because it's unusual to get to know you in the first few years.  After 45 years, most of the electronics that we've built are still in service.  Batteries will always need to be recycled whether you use them a lot or you don't because the chemicals inside go bad eventually.  But our durable electronics and our cost effective repairs have kept most of the Lumedynes "on the road" for all these years.  We invite you to share your "old timer" experiences on our new Blog section...


However, when there is a failure, or if you do need to ship us something, especially for our wonderful rental equipment to come back home, then please follow these simple packing practices:


1) Be sure to turn everything off.  Disconnecting the Battery is the best way to be sure that the unit does not turn on during transportation.  However, for the Pack, it leaves the end clips open and hanging loose on the ends.  Be sure to wrap and pad the shipment with extra protection against these plastic clips getting damaged.  Sometimes a dead battery or empty shell of a battery that won't work but is clipped into place during transportation is perfect for this situation.

2) Use the diffuser cover on the reflector to help protect the flashtube.  Some people prefer to use the snoot as the flashtube protection.  When the tube is questioned at all, then it also should be returned.  If it fires better cold than when hot while on location it is likely a flashtube issue.  Wrap Flash Heads with their cables unplugged from the Packs and cables rolled loosely and all padded well. 

3) Include Chargers only if their performance is questioned.  Do include other cables and accessories that were being used together if any "magic smoke" got out or there was a "bang"!

4) Wrap each loose item against directly rubbing or grinding on each other.  Then provide ample padding for the outer box.  Keep in mind, the delivery people handling this package do not seem to care what happens to your box as long as it gets there, sort of.  I'm often surprised at what gets delivered, so wrap it up for a safe adventurous journey to us, we will try to do the same for you.

5) Lastly, include a short letter with your name, address, email and phone number.  The letter should also tell us what went wrong or is being questioned or returned.  Do NOT send your credit card information in the package or in the letter.

The safely packed items will be returned to:

Lumedyne, Inc.

Repair Department

6010 Wall St.

Port Richey, FL 34668






As for failure returns: We do agree that if our product does not do 100% of what we claim that it should, you can get your sales price minus shipping costs refunded back within the first 30 days.  However, if it somehow fails to perform at or beyond that same guaranteed level within the first two years, you still have a full repair warranty that covers all parts and labor costs for the warranty items.  The only exception is with battery cells because they start their lives counting a very long term pro-rate warranty and they get a few dollars more expensive per every month for several years before they reach their full price for repair and recycling.  Other than that, only the shipping and delivery costs are your responsibility in all cases.  Any form of deliberate destruction is eligible for a complete null and void of any warranty stated or implied.


While the shipping costs are your primary responsibility in all cases, after the warranty period (which is often shorter for Refurbished Items) then shipping costs are in addition to any necessary repair costs. 

Whether in or out of warranty, you are always entitled to a written estimate for free if you select to recycle the item or for $10 each if you would like a full evaluation but nothing is repaired.  That is regardless if it is not repaired because it turns out that everything is OK or if it is not repaired because you decline the repair that is needed but want it sent back to you anyway.  Remember that we will thoroughly test the equipment and evaluate it inside and out for that $10 and it gains you a month of full warranty since we have given it a new thumbs up!  Recycling Lumedyne battery cells and/or electronics should always be free, just get it here.  The separate evaluation fee is also not charged if the repair is approved.


If you do just change your mind after you have opened the product but have not used it in any form that shows any marks or wear-and-tear including with regards to the flashtube, then it is eligible to be returned to Lumedyne for up to 30 days from the purchase date to return the equipment with only a small $15 per item "re-boxing fee".  This return policy assumes the item is returned in new condition without any failure, just because you have opened it and changed your mind.  If you have NOT OPENED the original packaging, then there is no re-boxing fee.  The exception is, “unless the item was customized for you?”  If so, the cost of the customization and the reversal are also your responsibility in addition to the shipping costs.  

Once you own your Lumedyne and for the first two years, if you damage the system, we will usually repair it at least once under warranty even if it appears that an "accident" may have been involved.  We do reserve the right to NOT honor warranty failure claims of outright BS or negligence, for example, if it goes in the water, we can tell, even if you dry it all the way before sending it in.  

It's better to be honest with us...  We know that stuff does "happen" out there on location.  We would prefer that you be honest and remind us of your purchase date with the letter that you send back with the gear describing the failure.  We are here to serve you and we hope that our equipment does that for many years.


Call Lumedyne for more information about these policies: 727-847-5394

We want to be fair and overall we want you to be satisfied.  We apologize if our terms and conditions are not what you are used to, but they are as fair as possible for all of us.

Contact "the boss", DJ LaDez directly if needed at 727-847-5394 or for email.