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After being recognized as a major influence in the location lighting part of the photography industry for 45 years, many people don't realize that Lumedyne is still actually a small family business down in rural Florida north of Clearwater on the Gulf of Mexico.



We proudly manufacture everything we can "in house" or source our products from inside America whenever possible.  This is not the cheapest way to do business.  We hope that our added quality and unique flexibility are part of what makes our products worth more than those products that were not built with some "Florida Love" inside.

Now, since we have so many loyal customers and products working for epic durations, (like several examples of more than 30 years old gear still in use today) we spend as much time helping our existing clients as reaching out to new ones.  This actually results in a better customer experience for YOU in the long run!  


If the magic smoke gets out of your Lumedyne, you can simply return it for a refill.


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