My first Blog Post!
This is a blog about better lighting on location by DJ LaDez. It is also his first official Blog. He is the boss at Lumedyne, Inc. so he tends to only shoot with that brand of flash but the techniques apply to other brands (if they have enough power). :-)
Better lighting is not an accident, but it creates oportunities
This feature teaches about additive lighting to create shadows and shape. DJ LaDez photographed Brook in New Port Richey's Sims Park for these images and he sometimes does deliberate with and without images to show the effect of the Lumedyne lighting. With the Lumedyne flash, you can shoot in the middle of the day because it is bright enough to compete with daylight exposures. By using a large soft light from off camera, you can create wrap around lighting that looks natural and has fall off that still retains your diffused values (that's the Dean Collins word for shadow areas).