About us

Lumedyne is a family owned and operated company who cares about our product's performance and our customer's satisfaction.

We build portable light sources for photographers to use on location or in a studio.

Lumedyne, Inc. was founded by William Vogt who was a professional photographer in the late 60's and early 70's.  His weekday job was being an electrical engineer and some of the technology he learned about for space satellites was relevant for a new extremely efficient recycling circuit for a new professional flash, and thus in 1972, Lumedyne was born.

There is an extensive timetine of accomplishments below...


Now in 2017, 45 years later, his stepson, DJ LaDez, is still running the factory and providing high quality and very flexible flash systems to professional photographers worldwide.

This is a small family business where we do care about every one of our photographers.  We can’t keep up with all of them personally because there are tens of thousands of users worldwide.  If you have issues, just call us, a human answers the phone while we are open.  We have continued to offer the best equipment with the longest warranty as a testament to our quality.

You can also email us directly, you can email info@Lumedyne.com for general inquiries or email DJ directly at dj@Lumedyne.com. 

These days we do continue to provide the “good old” flash systems that have proven themselves over the last 45 years. 

We also continue to design and develop new and custom products.  A reasonable percentage of our business is through creating custom solutions for specific lighting needs and sometimes for OEM electronics business outside of the photo industry.


Through the years:  

We have introduced several remarkable things to the photo industry:


1972 - Lumedyne introduced the world's first 4.6 pound 200ws portable flash system with over 450 flashes at 100ws per charge


1976 – Lumedyne introduced the world's first 400ws portable flash system


1978 – Bill and Lumedyne moved from New York to sunny Florida and opened the factory we still have today


1979 – Lumedyne introduced the world's first battery powered modeling light flash heads


1981 – Lumedyne adapted to become the world’s first modular flash system and still offers more portable diversity than any other brand


1982 – Lumedyne introduced the AC Power adapters and added AC powered options to the portable system


1983 – Lumedyne started the long term pro-rate warranty with real battery performance as the standard


1985 – Lumedyne introduced the first high voltage Cyclers for other brands of flashes (Sunpak™ and Vivitar™ and other brands soon after)


1989 – DJ LaDez joined his mother and Bill at Lumedyne


1990 – Lumedyne introduced the Minicycler and the Megacycler which was the world’s fastest high voltage pack (and still is…)


1991 – Lumedyne proved stackable up to 2400ws and that made it the world’s most powerful portable flash system (publicly available, M.I.T. had one that was brighter)


1992 – Lumedyne introduced the PEPI batteries that indicate full charge and prevent overcharging, this was the first NiCd protection circuit that helped insure longer battery life 


1994 – Lumedyne introduced the Auto Control Modules that could quench up to 2400ws making them the world’s strongest auto circuits (and still are)


1999 – Lumedyne introduced the TTL flashes that could understand Quantum™ or Metz™ TTL modules but also go over 1200ws which made them the most powerful TTL flashes in the world


2000 – Bill passed away – DJ started the Signature Series Flash System and the battery pro-rates were extended to 100 months


2001 – The molded case design of the new Cyclers was introduced, most had seven light battery gauges


2002 – The #007 Auto Module became the #HAHM and took a new handle mount shape rather than the cube


2003 – Lumedyne advanced the PEPI circuit to work with a wide variety of battery chargers including the modern ones or the classic ones - This important change happened about the same time as serial number 149300


2004 – Lumedyne introduced the Action Packs with extremely fast flash duration and the Next Generation equipment fully replaced the Classic equipment from 1980-2003


2005 – The extra fast and normal fast Packs were combined into one version with a switch for speed vs. efficiency


2006 – Lumedyne introduced the world’s first battery operated ringflash with modeling lights built in (12 LED’s)


2007 – The BC12 evolved into its current design for extra large marine or deep cycle batteries for pros who need to flash thousands of times per day while on location or work at crazy high power or…


2010 – The Hyper Chargers were introduced as the world’s first NiCd chargers which have a built-in 7 light battery gauge along with very fast charging speeds – this was extra important for Classic photographers because they don’t have a battery gauge in their Packs


2011 – The Vehicle Charger was introduced and can recycle a flash system and/or charge the batteries from the 12V adapter in your car


2012 – The modern AC power adapters were introduced that provide 12V DC power at very high current levels to help all Power Packs run their best all day long from the wall rather than from battery, the big one even has a battery charger built into it, another world’s first


2013 – Lumedyne introduced the X Flash Recycle Accelerators for Canon™ and Nikon™ flashes to double the performance of on-camera flashes – these are the world’s smallest high voltage packs
*This is also the first year that Lumedyne offered NiMh batteries to the public because they do offer more flashes per charge per dollar


2014 – Lumedyne begins offering LiFePo4 batteries to the industry after many years of behind the scenes testing because these are the only style that we can guarantee are safe and that have over 2000 charge cycles and a 10 year life span


2015 – A wide variety of new prototypes and creativity develop with the new 3D printer – some are custom flash projects for special situations and others are new product ideas for professional photographers


2017 – A new website is born… you’re reading it now…





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