Modular System Explained

In 1980, we already had been building professional flashes for years and expanded our product range by making the modular design that we still use today.  The Pack can separate from the Battery and other modules can be added to the system to add more power and capabilities.  Multiple Flash Heads can all be fired from one system.

This has created a wide number of options and variations thoughout the years. However, most all of the modules are fully compatible with each other.  Sure, there are specialty items as well, but mostly, any Lumedyne Head can run from any Lumedyne Pack.  All of the Batteries are fully compatible too.

So, we want to teach the basics first and that might be enough for most of you.  Then, for a deeper appreciation of every detail, we recomend a contact to our human department where someone can teach you much more information, as much as you desire.