Conditions of use

We have provided a website here with as much possible information about Lumedyne portable flash equipment and our location lighting.  We will work to maintain the site with useful and accurate information.  We would appreciate it if you will bring any mistakes to our attention.  When a mistake can be verified, we will not be held accountable for the mistake but rather will move to correct the situation right away.

We expect your cooperation with regards to the use of the website and with regards to buying our equipment.  When you elect to buy on-line we respect your privacy and we have provided a very secure environment with help from nopCommerce and WDWeb.  None of these parties can be held accountable for typos & mistakes and all of us work together to maintain a secure digital environment for your data.

In the event that we ever found evidence that our data has or could have been compromised, you should get notified by us directly.  We believe that these conditions are fair and unbiased and show no prejudice based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, hair color, eye color, or anything else.

The website and the shipping rates are all based on the majority of our business being in the USA.  Shipments outside of the USA will pay higher shipping rates and these customers are responsible for their own import duty or tax obligations.




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Terms Of Use:

We are a small and honest company who did not have lawyers draft an agreement between you and “The Company”.  We are Lumedyne, Inc. an American family business and we want to help you because our goal is your satisfaction.  Period.


Now, the lawyers would have wanted us to remind you that we will not be found at fault if you suffer damages as a result of any understanding on this whole website or with our company or our products.  Not withstanding, we won’t be sued for your issues, regardless of cause or circumstance when using our website and/or our products.  In the highly unlikely chance that any significant harm befell upon you or others on our behalf, in addition to being genuinely concerned, we shall wish you well in your recovery and we hope that no harmful issue has ever or shall ever happen that would force us to use money or insurance to remedy.  The most common issue we have had in 45 years is during a breakdown a possible “bang!” or “pow!” that has been known to cause momentary fear or embarrassment under the wrong circumstances should a rapid high voltage discharge happen when it shouldn’t. 

We are very sorry about when our gear breaks.  Because our equipment is only purchased by professional photographers who work on location, it always matters, every time the equipment is used.  We know that there is no good time for it to break down.  We encourage you to have backup equipment.  We do generally have rental and loaner equipment that you may get if needed while your equipment is being repaired.  We cannot be sure that we have the same model as you want available at all times.  Contact us in advance if renting equipment before a very important job provides you added versatility and options or even just peace of mind that you have that backup for a special occasion.


We do understand our liability if we were to produce products likely to cause harm.  If you use our products correctly, they will not cause you harm.  Fortunately, during the last 45 years, outside of a few minor burns from the mix of human curiosity and the inevitable high voltage needed for a flash system, we have no cause for concern.   We continue to create and maintain products which are safe and effective. 


With that in mind we remind you again that these products should never be opened by you or other untrained and unqualified personnel.  These products produce high voltage and store the high voltage very efficiently and for long periods of time so the electronic circuits inside should be considered dangerous at all times, do not touch them at all.  In the event that the outer case was completely shattered, extreme care must be used to gather the electronic pieces inside of a thick plastic bag or other more insulated container and returned to Lumedyne for repair. 


Likewise, the head jack connectors where the Heads plug in have high voltage present on the pins inside and these pins should never be touched!  Some people will touch these sometimes and not experience a shock in every circumstance and then think that it is OK, but it is dangerous and they could shock and burn you. 


We recommend plugging everything together before ever powering on for the day and waiting until everything is discharged and turned off before disconnecting later. 


We are fortunate that the voltage and current of the Lumedyne system generally only causes major skin burns when contacted inappropriately.  However, under the wrong circumstances contacting high voltage at high current (as with any electronic flash) could be fatal.  Do not touch the flashtube or any other contacts of the electronics during use.


We do apologize if an error on our part causes you ANY harm or injustice.  Mostly, we fear that a minor mistake like the quantity of a product available showing on-line, or how quickly the shipping would arrive to us or then onward to you are the most likely occurrences of errors.  Regardless if any issue happens before the purchase, after the purchase, or during use of any sort, we do not agree to accept any further responsibility other than to remedy the Lumedyne equipment to its originally functioning performance either under warranty during the stated period or later at your expense.  So, however inconvenient that may be to your current situation, regardless of what error or omission happens or how we helped make it happen or make it worse or anything, we simply will not accept any additional liabilities.


We do guarantee what we claim about our equipment regarding the light output  and performance including the flashes per charge.  No other company will actually guaranty all of their own performance ratings including flashes per charge, claiming things like “Actual results may vary.”  


Lumedyne guarantees our products do perform at least as well as we claim.  That applies to all the ratings of performance, light output  and flashes per charge.  Also, only Lumedyne extends these claims with long term battery warranties.  All of our batteries have pro-rated periods of time where even a battery that is years old still get discounts if it is not performing beyond the rated flashes per charge!  Other companies simply tell you to buy a new battery.  Lumedyne is not only participating in international battery cell recycling efforts but also giving you direct discounts if your batteries don’t perform as well as we claim for several years. 


We could write many more lines of that sort of stuff.  We can pay an attorney who could write a much longer version of it for a smallish legal fee.  However, the actual key for us here at Lumedyne on a daily basis is still, “That our goal is to help you light your images and for you to be happy and satisfied for many years.”  Please let us help make that happen.  If you are concerned that we are not doing our part, please contact DJ LaDez so that your issues can be addressed as soon as possible.  You can send him a direct email at, its that simple.