AHUA Head To Umbrella Lightstand Adapter With Swivel

The AHUA is an umbrella adapter that mounts on top of a lightstand and swivels to angle the umbrella and the light to the right angle. It includes two separate spigots that are threaded, one is the male with 1/4-20 and 3/16-20 threaded posts and the other is the female opposite. Once you screw the threaded 1/4-20 post into the Lumedyne Head it can be quickly and securely mounted to the lightstand at any angle.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

When you want to put a Lumedyne Head on top of a lightstand, the AHUA allows you to angle the Head up and down and has a place to put an umbrella shaft so you can use those as well.

The large handle adjusts the pressure that allows the Head to swivel.  The smaller knobs adjust the tension onto the two threaded spigots that are included or directly onto the lightstand in many cases.  Another smaller adjuster is available to provide tention against the umbrella shaft.

The umbrella shaft goes through it at an upward angle towards the front.  If installed correctly, the umbella is centered in front of the Head even though the Head is above the mount.  If backwards, the middle of the umbrella would be well below the Head.

Between the threaded female spigot and the ability to fit most lightstands directly, the AHUA is the normal way to mount a Head with an umbrella or with a soft box or even just directly on top of a lightstand so you can aim it up and down as you wish.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING