BCXL Empty Extra Large Battery Case for DIY battery

If you want to build your own extra large battery this enclosure is 5.75 inches tall outside. It has the right connector to attach to the Lumedyne Power Packs. It has the keeper clips for the Pack's latches. It has a simple DC charge jack of 2.1mm by 5mm and a charging LED but no further charge control circuit or PEPI. No battery or charger is included
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

If you want to build your own battery or DC power supply, you'll need an enclosure and the correct connectors.  We don't mind helping you with your project.  We will sell you an empty Battery Compartment.

This one is 5.7 inches tall so that is about 5.5 inches inside.  It is 2.8 inches wide and there is less than six inches of clear length for a the top inch of depth inside because the connector is at one end.

The polarity must be correct but the Lumedyne system will work from about 11 volts to nearly 20 volts DC so you have a variety of possible battery options.

Maybe you have another plan that needs a connection to the bottom of the Power Pack, this module will help you make the two connections for the Battery to the Pack.  

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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