CH2V Vehicle Hyper Charger and Power Adapter with Battery Gauge

The name says it all because this gizmo does it all... Plug it into a cigarette lighter 12V DC jack in your car, truck, RV or drone and it can recharge Batteries or run Lumedyne Power Packs. Plus, if that were not already enough, it has a separate Battery Gauge and 6 pin connector that works independent of power to test Batteries. It's small, lightweight, versatile, and capable. Plus, with a 20 foot cable it is able to reach beyond your front seats when you want it to.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The name says it all, this device can do it all.  Once you plug it into your cigarette lighter or 12V DC adapter in your car, truck, RV, drone, UFO, Green Energy Powered Battery Source or other 12 to 24 volt DC power source, then it can recharge Batteries or provide power for Power Packs.

Regardless if it is doing that, it is also a Battery tester and can check the power level of the Lumedyne Batteries through their six pin to the Pack connection.  The scale of seven green LED lights will tell you how much available power a Battery has in it. 

Sometimes knowing the power level of the battery while on location is the key to understanding issues with our otherwise very reliable equipment when the chemistry inside the battery cells gradually or quickly fails but everything else is OK. 

If you have classic equipment that does not have a battery gauge, then you can pay Lumedyne to install a battery gauge into it for about $100-$125 each item.  Otherwise, you can test the Batteries with a BGPA or this CH2V and learn a lot about them while in the field on location.

If you have a CH2V, then you might see that the electronics in the Power Pack can run fine from the 12 volt car battery?  You can also see what voltage level the Battery has in case it has just gotten too low to power the Pack because it has the with the battery gauge.  You would (hopefully be glad that you had another battery and could go on with the other one…)

So, it has a 20 foot long cable from your 12v DC power output and then it has a few feet more to the end of the charger plugs.  What you do with it from there is up to you.  If you are a photographer on the go, this is perfect for you.

As with all of the Hyper Chargers, this one is also only recommended for Batteries built or modified since 2002 with serial numbers newer than 149300.  Contact Lumedyne if you have older batteries and have questions about this.  All the Lumedyne batteries will charge fine, however older batteries may not stop charging correctly and could be damaged.


California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING