CU1Z Ultra Automatic International Charger - Direct Delta V Charging

This is the only automatic Lumedyne Charger that will charge the battery first and also cycle on automatically each day to top off the Battery (or Batteries with the CU4A Adapter). This way the connected Battery(ies) are always ready to go without having to "top them off" before a shoot. This is an Ultra fast charger and stops charging based on a Delta Voltage technology rather than using the PEPI circuit in the battery. This Charger is compatible with all generations of NiCd and NiMh Batteries and is designed to keep the Lumedyne Batteries fresh and ready for the longest possible lifespan. DO NOT USE WITH LIFEPO4 BATTERIES or DIY Batteries - while it should not release the "magic" smoke, it would not work correctly for sure...
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

We offer the USA Cable with letter "U".  

The UK Cable can be selected with letter "K".  

You can get the Euro Cable by selecting letter"E".  

If you are going down under the "A" Cable fits the AU and NZ plugs.


This "Letter Selection" is shown by the last charactor in the Catalog Number
It relates to which AC power cable is in the package


This is the best charger for automatic continued Battery maintenance for the NiCd or the NiMh Batteries.  It is fast but it stops when the battery cells reach full charge rather than waiting for them to get even hotter and trigger the thermo PEPI sensor.  That helps Batteries live a little bit longer lifespan overall.

But for you, as the photographer using the Charger, the daily or weekly or even monthly routine of charging your Lumedyne Batteries becomes completely automated and your Battery(ies are) is always ready to go everyday and all of the time.

That's why this is the “Auto Charger”.  It charges the Battery(ies) up all the way and turns itself off automatically and then every day it turns back on and tops off the Battery(ies)

The Charger is designed to connect directly to one Battery through the six-pin connector where the Pack normally connects to the Battery.  This does not plug into the charge jack or use the Battery’s internal PEPI circuit or light any lights on the Battery at all.  The Automatic Charger is voltage sensitive and it does not care what vintage of NiCd or NiMh battery cells are being used or what PEPI circuit; it just works great on all of those type of Batteries.

The CU1Z should NEVER be used with your own DIY battery like a Lead/Acid style or Lithium or LiFePo4 Battery.  The CU1Z has a resetable circuit breaker to protect itself, but your battery does not.


It has a removable AC power cord and it can be replaced with a cable from anywhere.  We provide the American cable in the CU1Z packaging.  The version CU1K includes a UK cable instead.  If you wanted the Euro cable, it would be the CU1E and the CU1A would go down under.  If you do not select a cable in the dropdown box, the American cable will be included.

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The reason that we use plural extensions after the single Battery terms is because we also offer an Adapter that allows you to connect up to four Batteries at once to the Automatic Charger.  The CU4A is a separate Adapter to go along with the CU1Z Auto Charger that can then plug into up to four Batteries at once.  As long as all the Batteries are all healthy, then they can all be of various sizes and charge levels.  The 4-way Adapter even has a warning light about bad batteries and a voltage threshold indicator that the Charger does not.

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The Auto Charger has two lights, one red and one green.  When something is connected to the Charger, then the red light will turn on.  When the Battery(ies are) is finished charging and the Charger is “sleeping for about a day” the green light will also be on.  It is normal for the green light to turn off for a few minutes a day while the Charger tops off the Battery(ies).

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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