P2XX 200ws Action Power Pack

Action Packs are designed to have an extremely fast flash duration. They freeze fast moving action better than any other brand of high power flash system because they have a faster t0.1 time till the flash duration is finished. The 200ws Action Pack has its fastest setting at its highest power, so 200ws is finished in 1/3000 second. The Pack has a seven light battery gauge and powers one Lumedyne Flash Head (Quartz Flashtube recommended) and it does give you the option of fast or extra fast recycling between flashes.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The Action Packs are special because they generate much higher voltage to gain a much faster flash duration as they go up in power.  They do have three power settings and the P2XX can be set at 50ws, 100ws and 200ws.  Because of the special design, the 50ws setting is not as fast as the 100ws setting which is not as fast as the 200ws setting.  At full power, the t0.1 time of the 200ws flash is a remarkable 1/3000 second which is about six times faster than normal flashes at a similar power level.  The slowest setting at 50ws is about 1/1500 second and 100ws is between them.

The Action Packs are fully compatible with all generations and styles of Lumedyne Batteries and their appropriate Chargers.  The seven light battery gauge on the front of the Action Pack is best suited for the NiCd and MiMh batteries while the gauge on the front of the LiFePo4 Batteries is more accurate for those cells.

The Action Packs only work with Lumedyne brand Flash Heads (not Quantum™ X flashes) and we recommend the Quartz Flashtubes because of the high duty cycle of the special high voltage flashes.  Any of the Lumedyne Heads can work with the Action Packs but do not attempt to use the Classic AC supplies, Boosters, High Speed Modules or the Auto Control Modules with these Packs.  The modern XPSU and XACU Power supplies can add AC power options to this Pack.

The 200ws Action Pack is the favorite for BMX and skateboard photographers around the world due to its very small size, fast flash duration and plenty of flash power (especially when combined with an aftermarket telephoto reflector (like from Norman or Quantum)).  When you fire this flash at full power, you can really hear the difference between this and a normal flash.  However, with regards to light output, its about the same amount of light as the normal 200ws just faster and that shifts the color temperature a few degrees more blue than normal (about 300 degrees Kelvin higher) so it makes since to use the “flash” color temperature settings on your camera.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING