DJ LaDez

I am a photographer.  I am a "writer of light".  I am DJ LaDez.


Lumedyne is a simple tool.  It's a light that I can use anywhere to create a lot of flash power and create images that smaller flashes or no flash would not be able to create regardless of what kind of camera that I have.  As photographers, only by writing with light will we be able to distinguish our images from those of very capable automatic cameras.

As the boss at Lumedyne, I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of the industries most awarded photographers.  That exposure has helped me to be a very capable and proficient photographer who can create good images at any time under any circumstances.  While that skill is important, I do not want to automatically include my images with the likes of those from some of these real professional photographers who have created amazing results with their Lumedyne equipment.

On the other hand, should you want to check out my full websites: is aimed at the family and local businesses here in Florida or my website for model portfolios is created with assorted models and locations around the world.

I'm open to your comments.  As I said, my wife and I are part time photographers due to our occupation of building portable flashes during the week.  At least, from my images, you can see if I'm qualified to give you advice on working in different invironments and creating a wide variety of effective lighting techniques.  

Once you know how to use light, the resulting images that you create will be your style, not mine.  I'm not the master, I'm only a guide on your trip to creative freedom.