001V Refurbished Straight Cord Standard Flash Head

This is a factory refurbished non-modeling Lumedyne Head that has a 800ws AFSE standard flashtube in it. The Head's cable and connector are in good shape. The reflector is in reasonable shape and a diffusor cover is included. This Head has a one year warranty against any electrical or physical failure. However, while the flashtube is tested and working fine, it is not warranted.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.
SKU: R001V

This is a Standard Head without the modeling light feature and it has a household style sync socket on the back with the test fire button.  There is a two possition reflector and a diffuser cover, plus a user replaceable 800ws AFSE UV coated Flashtube.  Flashtubes last for tens of thousands of flashes or one face down fall.

The cable on this Flash Head is about five feet long.

The Head has the newer style sync connection on the back showing that it has the safe low sync voltage in case you connect it straight to a hot-shoe on a camera.  There is also a small test fire button.

If you eventually wish to use higher power levels than 800ws, then we suggest that you upgrade the flashtube to a higher rated Quartz version.  The Head can handle up to 2400ws.

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