VHUF UltraCycler

Powerful High Voltage Cycler to recycle your flash faster with a built in battery plus a seven light battery gauge. The memory fee NiMh battery has a 100 month pro-rate warranty with over 450 guaranteed full power flashes per charge. Includes a black Neoprene sleeve. Charger and Cables sold separately.
Delivery date: 3-5 days

The UltraCycler has an accurate seven light battery gauge.  It has a more powerful battery with speed equal to other brands of high voltage packs plus it has the additional seven light battery gauge.  It provides extremely fast recycling for on-camera flashes.  It produces the high voltage for the capacitor inside your flash which is why your flash recycles faster but isn't brighter.  Simple operation and charging make the MegaCycler popular along with the lightweight and small size.  Just press the button to turn it on/off.  It has automatic charging and is fully charged in less than six hours.  A small button activates the battery gauge momentarily.

Remember that the Charger is sold separately.  We recommend the CQ1P Single International Quick Charger, however, almost all of the Lumedyne chargers including classic ones will charge this product.  When it reaches full charge, it will turn on an indicator and it stops taking a charge automatically.

To connect it to your flash, select the correct cable from the HV Cables Chart that are sold separately.  The Cyclers can also use other brands of HV Cables from Quantum™ for their Turbo or Paramount Cords for example.  Some flashes including the Q-Flashes™ and several monostrobes have their own cords for connecting to a high voltage pack, these are also compatible with the Lumedyne Cyclers.

Once it is attached to your flash, you can shoot much faster and often several flashes per second.  The UltraCycler is a professional product built to withstand rapid firing, however your flash is not intended to shoot continuously at that speed, so use care and be sensible but the UltraCycler surely can help you to be recycled just in time to get "that" shot.

The case and electronics have a full two year warranty.  The no memory battery inside has a 100 month pro-rate warranty that only loses value at $1.50 per month.  We really guarantee the flashes per charge, and one day when your batteries performance drops below the guaranteed level, we would only charge you the $1.50 per month and a small labor charge.  We want the battery life to last for many years so that you pay the full replacement price but the warranty protects you because if your battery life is shorter, you get the discounts.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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