XAC? AC Power Base 60 Amp International Power Supply

This Power Base will power an Extra Fast recycling Lumedyne system from any AC wall outlet worldwide. It has an interchangeable AC power cord and you select that at purchase, but the default is the American cable as the XACU. This AC Power Base also charges a NiCd or NiMh Battery with a Hyper Speed Battery Charger built inside of it with a short DC charge cable that can be mostly hidden inside the body of the power supply when not in use.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

We offer the USA Cable with letter "U".  

The UK Cable can be selected with letter "K".  

You can get the Euro Cable by selecting letter"E".  

If you are going down under the "A" Cable fits the AU and NZ plugs.


This "Letter Selection" is shown by the last charactor in the Catalog Number
It relates to which AC power cable is in the package


The XAC? is an international AC Power Adapter that will run a Lumedyne flash system and/or charge the Lumedyne Batteries. It has loads of power for running modeling lights even with multiple Flash Heads and can make the flash system run continuously from AC power without using any battery power at all.

 This Power Base also has a built in charger that is Hyper fast and can charge any of the NiCd or NiMh Batteries separately or together with the power supply function.  The charge plug cable is often hidden inside the body of the power supply when not in use.  The Battery should be newer than (or modified since) 2003 so that it has the newer PEPI circuit and is compatible with these modern Chargers.

You select the AC power cord from the drop down box.  We have the default selection as the USA cable version which is the XACU but if you prefer an AC cable for the UK, Europe or down under, then select that cable version before you "buy" it.

 This super duty cycle AC Power Base is inside of a plastic shell with a carry handle mounted at the top front. The Pack can securely fasten to it directly or with additional Boosters up to 2400ws and with or without the additional High Speed Modules.  The base is slightly larger than the Pack’s profile so it helps it stand up tall if you wish to create a high power stack.  You can also lay it down on its back while in use if you prefer.

 The input current varies with the load that you put on it and the CE/UL approved power supply is self regulated and safety protected and ready to run from any power level.  In a maximum case scenario, it could draw up to 6 Amps during recycling at 120 volts AC.  All of the protection inside is automatic and will even reset automatically if you could trip the circuit breaker.

It can supply up to 60 Amps at 12v DC output to the flash system so it can generate the Super Extra Fast Recycling power for the separate XSMX Extra Fast Speed Module which needs additional pin connections near the normal six pin connections that ARE available on top of this product but are not normally available on the other power supply or most Batteries.

 If you don’t want to recycle extra fast, or have the extra charger, or use a lot of Modeling Heads, then maybe the smaller 30 Amp AC Adapter, XPSU might be right for you?  The XAC? AC Power Base is the strongest and best AC Power Supply with all the AC features that we offer in one spot.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING