ARWD 80/95 Degree Wider Angles Reflector For All Heads

The ARWD is a silver five inch reflector and it has a shorter neck than the Standard one. That's why it sets further back from the flashtube and broadcasts a wider angle of coverage. This creates a wider broadcast of light within a one f-stop range with the first setting at a wide 80 degrees. In the first setting it is about as wide as the wider setting of the normal reflector but then it goes to extra wide 95 degrees coverage when it drops back into its dual notches.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

When you need more light spread out over a wider area, this is the right reflector to use.  It is our widest coverage other than going bare bulb.  It is the same five inch wide reflector but with a shorter neck length.

When you spread the light out by these steps it lowers the f-stop in the center by about a half f-stop per setting.  It is already super wide but it can also be used with either of the white plastic diffuser caps ADC1 and ADC2.  Since the reflectors are made by hand on a machine, there are sometimes slight variations in how the diffuser covers fit on the rolled lip at the front edge.

Some photographers like to use this as an umbrella reflector because it pushes so much light out to a wide area and fills the umbrella better from a closer point on the shaft and thus is effectively brighter and wider into the net reflected or transmitted light.

It is fully compatible with the other reflector adapters and light modifiers that Velcro into place around the rim of the reflector.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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