ASBA Softbox Adapter for Chimera, Photoflex, Westcott & Others

This square softbox speed ring is made of plastic and surrounds a machined aluminum center neck that replaces the Lumedyne reflector so the flashtube is well inside the back of the softbox. It has a 1/4-20 threaded mount to use directly on the lightstand or with a swivel so even large square and rectangular softboxes can be used. The Flash Head is hanging onto the rear at the reflector mount but without any leverage or weight on it.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The ASBA is a high quality softbox speed-ring from Chimera™ because they have the best inserts with the smoothest internal rotational movement.  The other brands of softboxes that will fit include the Westcott and Photoflex softboxes as well as many of the less known copy-cat brands.

One of the keys for the successful use of a large light modifier with the Lumedyne Heads is to be sure that the speedring has a ¼-20 mount so the Head doesn’t have to support the weight and leverage of the whole softbox.  Rather, when the speedring is actually mounted to the lightstand with a swivel adapter, the you can aim it up and down.  The Speedring is holding the softbox, then the Flash Head that is attached to the back of the Speedring is only holding itself in place with zero stress on it, regardless of how big a softbox you want to use.

This adapter has four pole receivers (one at each corner) for most square or rectangular softboxes.  You will need a different speedring for octagonal softboxes.  Again, try to find one that has ¼-20 mounts on the speedring, the Chimera™ version (although beautiful) does not.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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