ASDL Padded Weight Reduction Shoulder Strap

This is a high quality Op/Tech shoulder strap designed for years of use with elastic and neoprene springs that engage in making it comfortable and feeling like there is less weight on your shoulder while you carry the Lumedyne Pack system around.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The ASDL is a padded shock absorbing Shoulder Strap that includes quick release buckles for the ends that have the 3/8” fabric web straps and retainer hardware.  The Neoprene fabric of the padded shoulder pad area along with an elastic band are designed to relieve the weight with the natural bounce and stretch of the fabric.  Op/tech proudly provides these high quality shoulder straps to us.

Once you attach the lightweight straps to the d-rings of the Power Pack, then you can quick release the padded shoulder part on/off.  While the padded area is off, you can use it to further assist is securing the Pack to the lightstand by wrapping it around the girth of the Pack and Battery and the leg of the lightstand. 

The two straps can be attached to each other with a simple criss-cross and using their quick release clips to then hang the Pack from a lightstand if you don’t have a proper APPH Power Pack Hanger.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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