CQ1P International Single Quick Charger USA, UK, Euro & AU

This Charger works at a Quick rate from any AC wall voltage worldwide and includes plug adapters for most of the world. It charges Small Batteries as fast as 3 hours and can charge all sizes of Lumedyne Batteries and Cyclers. This is the "normal" charger for all batteries because we no longer offer a basic Trickle Charger. This is not recommended for batteries older than from 2002 with serial number below 149300. If your battery is that old, contact Lumedyne directly. If you paid to update your PEPI in the battery, then it is OK.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The CQ1P is international so it can run from any wall AC voltage worldwide.

It is small, simple and inexpensive.  This is the normal Charger for all NICd and NiMh Batteries and HV Cyclers NOT for any Lithium products.

The CQ1P includes four plug adapters that can be interchanged.  We test every one with the USA plug before they leave our factory and you can easily exchange it with a simple release button on the base.  The other three plugs are for: the United Kingdom with three squarest plugs, the European region with two thin round plugs, or to go down under to NZ or AU where the slanted blades would be used.

The charge plug is attached with a 1+ meter cord and does not interchange.  We recommend that you don't wrap the cord tight around the charger when not in use because this puts a lot of unneeded stress on the molded strain-relief.  So, either wrap it quite loose or not around the body of the charger at all.

The output of the Charger is about 15 volts under a normal load.  The current is about one amp and the charge plug is center positive.  That being said, this is no ordinary power adapter and it does also feature a high current capacity and over current protection.  What that means for you is that it will work well with all sizes of healthy batteries.  If it is plugged into a bad battery that it cannot charge at all, it will blink on and off continuously rather than to fail the way that the classic chargers would when they were attempting to charge a bad battery.  If your old Charger just quit working or quit after getting very hot then the battery killed it, they are not serviceable.  This Charger won’t fix a bad battery but at least it will protect itself from failure.

In 2002, we modernized the PEPI circuit inside of the batteries.  The serial numbers below 149300 are the Classic “old” variety of PEPI circuits and should NOT be used with this Charger.

By 2008, we were finally able to start selling modern Chargers because the new batteries built since 2002 are fine with all types of chargers.  The old Classic Batteries might not stop charging with a new Charger when the green light comes on and that would damage a battery very quickly, maybe even letting the “magic” smoke out.  That stinks, literally. So we do NOT recommend using the modern Chargers with the old batteries unless they have been PEPI updated by Lumedyne while getting new battery cells.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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