BMHM Medium Battery NiMh

The BMHM Battery provides 300 flashes at 200ws with a Four Year pro-rate warranty. It uses a double deck of NiMh battery cells and is about 2.2 inches tall and weighs less than three pounds.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The Medium NiMh Battery, BMHM is the middle size so it's a popular option for the Nickel Metal Hydride battery cells.  Many people consider this Battery versus the Large NiCd because they are both rated to 300 flashes per charge.  It gets 50% more flashes than the NiCd Medium Battery.  

It's a good idea for photographers to have two or more batteries, so it's great to select at least one as a powerful Medium sized NiMh Battery, especially since these already have more flashes per charge than the same size NiCd and you can always swap it out if it gets low. It’s only $50 more than the Medium NiCd Battery but you get 100 more flashes per charge.  It's a great value as far as flashes per dollar.

If you use 200ws we guaranty 300 flashes per charge.  If you use 25ws, that same battery gives you 1800 flashes.  Likewise, if you use only 400ws, you should expect 150 or more flashes from this Medium sized Battery.

The NiMh Batteries all have a Four Year pro-rate warranty on the cells.  For the Medium Battery, that warranty loses value at the rate of: Full coverage in the first year, 25% in the second year, 50% by the third year and 75% for the fourth year and full price after that.  In some cases, there may be a sale price that is a better value than the total pro-rate at the end of the warranty.  There is a small labor fee to install the cells and new cells always start a new pro-rate warranty.  The case and electronics have a Two Year warranty from when it's originally purchased.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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AMBX Extra Bright Modeling Bulb (Quartz/Halogen)

This is the high performance replacement bulb for the glowing modeling light in the center of the Lumedyne Modeling style Flashtubes. It is about 25 watts but is almost 50% brighter than a normal Halogen bulb. So for the same drain as our other AMBR bulb this one is a bit brighter. It does also use your battery at a rate of one 200ws flash per 20 seconds of modeling light use. This AMBX bulb is also more durable against high temperature for extended use or high power flashes or rapid flashes where in all cases more than the normal heat is involved and a normal bulb would frost over white and fail due to overheating. It is user replaceable by simply first removing the flashtube then pulling the burned out bulb straight out. After carefully replacing the AMBX into the Head's legs, the flashtube fits around it and plugs back into place.

AFTE 800ws Flashtube for Modeling Flash Heads

AFTE Flashtubes fit all of the existing Lumedyne Flash Heads with or without the modeling light feature. They also fit in the new Extra Small Heads. They can be used at low power as well but should not be used above 800ws per Head as that is the upper rating of this flashtube's performance. The Flashtubes push/pull straight in/out and they will last for tens of thousands of flashes or one face down fall onto a hard surface. Any of the Heads can use this flashtube, however, the modeling lamp itself is separate and this flashtube does not convert a non-modeling Head to have that feature.

ASC1 Standard Household to PC Sync Cord

The ASC1 is the short coiled sync cord that would plug from the round sync jack on many professional cameras to the household sync jack on many Lumedyne Flash Heads. It is about two feet long before stretching the coils out and could reach almost five feet (but might not shrink back all the way if stretched too far).

P4LX 400ws Deluxe Signature Series Power Pack

The 400ws Deluxe Signature Pack has seven settings from 6ws to 400ws on a single dial control. There is a separate Trim Control to go smoothly between the f-stops also. The Pack has a seven light battery gauge and can run with fast or extra fast recycling times. Deluxe Signature Series Packs have TTL controls for film cameras and very few digital cameras which still use TTL like Hasselblad or Phase One (NOT Canon™, Nikon™ or Sony™ for example). Signature Deluxe Packs are compatible with all sizes and styles of Lumedyne batteries and can power any of the Lumedyne Heads. The Pack can be boosted up to higher power or sped up with High Speed Modules and can run from most Lumedyne AC Power adapters.