HERS Next Generation 800ws Round Modeling Head with Straight Cord

The Next Generation Heads look the closest to the old classic design because they have the round cylindrical shape to the body. The attached five foot long straight Head Cord will connect to any Lumedyne Power Pack. The HERS has an 800ws flashtube and a modeling light. There are two sync jacks on the rear of the Head, both the household style and the mini-phone sockets are available. The Head includes the 800ws flashtube, modeling lamp, five inch reflector, two diffusors and a metal snoot.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

Next Generation Flash Heads can connect to all the Lumedyne Power Packs.  They have built in head cables and the HERS has a 5 foot straight cord.  The body of the Next Gen’ Heads looks a lot like the Classic Heads because the lightweight round design is so easy to handle and pack for travel.  Those photographers who carry their Heads on a camera bracket appreciate that these are lighter than most other options.

The Next Generation Heads have a safe low sync voltage on both of the sync jacks (household and mini-phone) so they can be connected to cameras or slaves without worry.  They can be test fired or have the modeling light turned on/off with the buttons near the sync jacks on the rear of the Head.

While the Heads are made with a plastic shell, they are still quite capable and can be used with a wide variety of light modifiers.  The main advantage is their weight since they weigh less than a pound.  Some people appreciate the head cable being built into the Head, “one less thing to forget” and it is possible to have the Heads built with custom longer lengths of head cords.  Contact Lumedyne directly for more information about customized products.

The HERS also includes an 800ws Flashtube (AFTE) and a separate Modeling Bulb (AMBR) protected with a 5 inch reflector (ARST) and two diffusor covers (ADC1 & ADC2) plus a metal snoot (ASNT).

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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