HFTX Pencil Light Adapter / Flashtube Extension Cable

This is a super simple way to extend the Flashtube only into very small spaces and have any amount of power that you want from the bare bulb without the bulky Flash Head body that can be hidden up to about five feet away. The HFTX Cable plugs into the flashtube socket and has a female flashtube socket at the small end for the actual flashtube to use. It can fit with Modeling Heads but does not extend or use the modeling bulb at all.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

When photographers need to get light hidden in a small space like during car photography or other commercial applications, there is no smaller way to get ample power wherever you want it with this HFTX Flashtube Extension Cable.

It is also quite effective at being used in a table lamp fixture so that the correct color temperature to match the flash seems to be coming from a table lamp.  The flashtube is simply placed near the real light bulb and the thin cable can easily be hidden from view to go the Flash Head up to five feet away.  The Head is still plugged into the Pack and triggered normally.  

As with the flashtube and socket, there are two fat pins and two thin pins along with an alignment dot.  Both ends need to be aligned correctly, but other than that, it is simply plug and play.  Only the flashtube is extended out to the end of the cable, so it is very small. 

If you have a modeling Head, the modeling bulb will be removed before you use the HFTX and the male plug end of the cable has a hole that accepts the (currently unused) legs of the modeling bulb.

There is minimal light output loss and the resulting bare flashtube can still be used with your own custom reflector or light modifiers.  While simple and straightforward, this is another American made accessory that should perform for years of good service.  Always be sure to fully plug both ends correctly and fully into place.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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