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CU4A Four Way Battery Adapter - To Be Used With CU1Z Charger

The CU4A mounts on top of the CU1Z Charger to expand its single Battery capacity into four Batteries at once. This Adapter is not a charger by itself but does work with the Auto Charger to allow up to four Batteries to be automatically maintained and topped off without having to swap Batteries around. The CU4A does have two helpful indicators that show that the Batteries connected did reach a full charge level and another that warns you if a bad Battery is plugged into one of the connectors.

CX1P International Single Extra Fast Charger USA, UK, Euro & AU

This Charger works at na Extra Fast rate from any AC wall voltage worldwide and includes plug adapters for most of the world. It charges larger Batteries very fast but is NOT recommended for the smaller sizes of Lumedyne Batteries or Cyclers. This is the "fastest" charger we offer for any batteries because it is too fast for the smaller ones already. However, some of the biggest batteries take so long to charge, so it's good to have a very fast option. This is NOT recommended for batteries older than from 2002 with serial number below 149300. If your battery is that old, contact Lumedyne directly.