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P2LX 200ws Deluxe Signature Series Power Pack

The 200ws Deluxe Signature Pack has seven settings from 3ws to 200ws on a single dial control. There is a separate Trim Control to go smoothly between the f-stops also. The Pack has a seven light battery gauge and can run with fast or extra fast recycling times. Deluxe Signature Series Packs have TTL controls for film cameras and very few digital cameras which still use TTL like Hasselblad or Phase One (NOT Canon™, Nikon™ or Sony™ for example). Signature Deluxe Packs are compatible with all sizes and styles of Lumedyne batteries and can power any of the Lumedyne Heads. The Pack can be boosted up to higher power or sped up with High Speed Modules and can run from most Lumedyne AC Power adapters.