VXNA Flash Recycle Accelerator X for Nikon™ Flashes

This is the worlds smallest high voltage pack to help your Nikon™ on-camera flash recycle twice as fast and last twice as long compared to using AA batteries alone. It's so small that it plugs directly in and doesn't need any extra cables. It is sold with the USB chargers and cables for home and auto. VXNA is the Nikon™ Flash Recycle Accelerator
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The X is a Flash Recycle Accelerator because it generates 330 volts and feeds the capacitor inside your flash.  It won't help your flash to be any brighter, but it does help it to recycle about twice as fast as using AA batteries alone.  It uses a rechargeable Lithium battery that is included in the product's two year full warranty.  

It is so small that it plugs directly into the flash rather than connect with a separate cable.  It is about half the size of a deck of cards.  It's truly remarkable how much this tiny accessory helps your flash perform twice as fast and for twice as long per charge.

A cigarette lighter style dual USB charger is included as well as an international AC power dual USB Charger and international plug adapter.  Two lengths of USB Mini-B cables are included for recharging.  The full charge time is only a few hours.

This model has a molded flexible plug that fits the Nikon™ style flashes that have an external input jack for high voltage packs.  Most brands of the aftermarket flashes for Nikon™ cameras use the same connector if they have an HV input jack.  These are normally on the front of the flash for Nikon™ style flashes.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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