AFTQ 2400ws Quartz Flashtube for Modeling Flash Heads

AFTQ 2400ws Quartz Flashtubes fit all of the existing Lumedyne Flash Heads with or without the modeling light feature. They also fit in the new Extra Small Heads. They can be used at low power as well and can be used up to 2,400ws as that is the upper rating of this flashtube's performance. The Flashtubes push/pull straight in/out and they will last for tens of thousands of flashes or one face down fall onto a hard surface. Any of the Heads can use this flashtube, however, the modeling lamp itself is separate and this flashtube does not convert a non-modeling Head to have that feature.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The AFTE is the normal flashtube for any of the Modeling Heads that Lumedyne has ever offered. A modeling light feature is not needed to use this flashtube, but the hole in the base can accommodate the bulb and legs that hold it in the center of the Helix for perfect lighting relevance.

Because this Flashtube fits either style of Head, with or without the Modeling Light, then it is sometimes selected as the “backup tube” so it can fit any Lumedyne Head.

This AFTE Flashtube and the normal Lumedyne reflector have been scientifically proven to provide the most even broadcast of light over about 60 degrees of any combination in the photo industry.  It casts a 60 degree coverage with the reflector normal and 80 degrees back in the wide angle setting.  Because this is a little bit more wide angle than the standard style bulb, the light output rating is about 1/3 less of one f-stop than using the AFSE Standard Tube.

This is an 800ws rated flashtube so when you plug this into your Head, then you can comfortably shoot from 3ws to 800ws.

If you need to flash more than 800ws through one Modeling Head, then you need the 2400ws Quartz Modeling Flashtube AFTQ.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING