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ABRA Bowens™ Reflector Adapter for Lumedyne Heads

The ABRA replaces the normal Lumedyne reflector and has a mounting plate that allows the use of any Bowens™ style reflector or accessories. It has a 1/4-20 mounting point to keep the weight of large light modifiers off of the plastic body of the Lumedyne Heads. There is a spring clip to lock the Bowens™ style reflector/accessory in place.

ADG4 Soft Diffuser Globe - 6 Inch

The ADG4 is a very simple but effective way to spread the light over a very wide area. While it does diffuse away 2.5 f-stops from the hottest part of the non-diffused direct reflector, it also spreads the light coverage from about 60 degrees to over 180 degrees. It is not perfectly even on a reflector in order to allow you to still aim the light where you want it the strongest, but it is perfectly even if you mount it "bare bulb" for that purpose.

AFTQ 2400ws Quartz Flashtube for Modeling Flash Heads

AFTQ 2400ws Quartz Flashtubes fit all of the existing Lumedyne Flash Heads with or without the modeling light feature. They also fit in the new Extra Small Heads. They can be used at low power as well and can be used up to 2,400ws as that is the upper rating of this flashtube's performance. The Flashtubes push/pull straight in/out and they will last for tens of thousands of flashes or one face down fall onto a hard surface. Any of the Heads can use this flashtube, however, the modeling lamp itself is separate and this flashtube does not convert a non-modeling Head to have that feature.

ATMF Accessory Tape Measure - For Lightstand To Subject Verification

The name says it all, except that there is a Sharpie™ marker included if you want to make permanent notes on this flat and writable tape measure that also works with a pencil for temporary notes. If you measure the light output at a given distance before your client is in front of you, then later when you are really shooting, it's easy to always get the exact right exposure without a lot of light-meter readings and extra flashes at your subject.