AR12 12" Beautydish Reflector With Diffuser And Grid

The AR12 is a 12 inch Beautydish reflector that has a center deflector that blocks the light coming directly from the flashtube. That creates a softer looking image without the normal specularity of a small flash. In addition to being 12 inches across the front and thus more than four times bigger than the normal reflector, it also includes a cloth diffuser for an even softer look. Lastly, a grid is included that snaps into the front of the reflector and limits the light output to less than 50 degrees.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The AR12 Beautydish offers several styles of lighting in one reflector.  Because it is a foot across, it is much larger than the standard reflector and that alone already helps it appear softer than a 5 inch light source.  The center deflector blocks the light that would come straight from the flashtube and the result is less specular highlights or glare.

The nature of the reflector is to create a broad soft light, that is further softened if you use the cloth diffuser on the front of it.  The diffuser will soften and diffuse about an extra f-stop of power.

The grid limits the field of view of the reflector to less than 50 degrees.  This allows you so create Hollywood lighting effects with a broad (12 inches wide at the beginning) but narrow beam of light that separates your subject from the background.  It also might be used to prevent lens flare if the light is at an obtuse angle to the lens while lighting your subject.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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