ARSG Black Snoot With Grid Set

The small ARSG Snoot fits over the Lumedyne flashtubes where the reflector normally mounts and tightens into place like any other reflector. It has a narrow opening for the light to escape at the open end. In addition to this limited field of view, the beam of light can be further limited and controlled with the small grid that fits the end of the snoot.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

When you really want a focused point of light, then the ARSG Snoot with grid is perfect for you.  Alone the snoot already does a great job of keeping the light output into a tight area.  However, with the Grid, it is limited even further and kept to a very narrow beam of light.

The flashtube should be placed fully inside the snoot and the neck of the snoot will lock into any of the Lumedyne Heads where the neck of the normal reflectors would go.  The narrow end can be used open or with the grid.  This works with the modeling light as well as the flashtube.

After extended use, it can get very hot, so use care if you use the modeling light a lot or flash a lot to let it cool off before you touch it.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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AR12 12" Beautydish Reflector With Diffuser And Grid

The AR12 is a 12 inch Beautydish reflector that has a center deflector that blocks the light coming directly from the flashtube. That creates a softer looking image without the normal specularity of a small flash. In addition to being 12 inches across the front and thus more than four times bigger than the normal reflector, it also includes a cloth diffuser for an even softer look. Lastly, a grid is included that snaps into the front of the reflector and limits the light output to less than 50 degrees.

AFTE 800ws Flashtube for Modeling Flash Heads

AFTE Flashtubes fit all of the existing Lumedyne Flash Heads with or without the modeling light feature. They also fit in the new Extra Small Heads. They can be used at low power as well but should not be used above 800ws per Head as that is the upper rating of this flashtube's performance. The Flashtubes push/pull straight in/out and they will last for tens of thousands of flashes or one face down fall onto a hard surface. Any of the Heads can use this flashtube, however, the modeling lamp itself is separate and this flashtube does not convert a non-modeling Head to have that feature.

AMBR Modeling Bulb (Halogen)

This is the normal replacement bulb for the glowing modeling light in the center of the Lumedyne Modeling style Flashtubes. It is about 25 watts bright and does use your battery at a rate of one 200ws flash per 20 seconds of modeling light use. It is user replaceable by simply first removing the flashtube then pulling the burned out bulb straight out. After carefully replacing the AMBR into its legs, the flashtube fits around it and plugs back into place.

AR5K 5" Black Reflector Kit with Grid and Diffuser

The AR5K is the normal size as we have used for all of these years which is five inches across. This reflector is black on the outside with a shiny silver finish inside. The kit includes a grid to keep the angle limited to about 40 degrees. A simple plastic diffuser cover is also included.