ASVL Adjustable Swivel With Stops

This is a simple addition to a bracket when you want to be able to aim the Head up and down. There are two adjustable disks that allow you to set the ending angle in each direction. Some set screws allow you to adjust the range of movement and it is designed to bolt onto 1/4-20 holes or use the nuts and bolts.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

This is another American Made Accessory!

The plates were cut here, anodized here and then assembled at Lumedyne.  There is an aircraft nut on the center that controls the tension of the swivel.  Two other set screws allow you to adjust the starting and ending angles in the range from more than 270 degrees of possible coverage.

It's simple and it's strong.  Holes at both flat ends allow you to bolt it onto a Lumedyne Head, a bracket, a fixture, a spigot for a quick release or any other surface if you get your own hardware.  We only provide you 1/4-20 nuts and bolts.  There is a small clamp that was designed to hold the Head cord for stationary applications and it has often been misused as a small umbrella clamp even though it's only plastic, the small umbrellas will normally stay in place with the cable clamp on the side.

It was normal in the days when photographers carried an on-camera bracket to want to aim the Head anywhere from slightly down (for a close up) to about 80 degrees upward (for a bounce onto the ceiling).  Others adjusted the rear angle to never go above 60 degrees upwards so they would always have some direct light from the reflector on the subject too.

If you want simple and reliable swivel, this is the one.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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