HSBC Extra Small Basic 800ws Head w/ 7' Straight Cord

The Extra Small Basic Heads are the best value of our Flash Head options. They have high quality circuits and the same flashtubes in a smaller molded enclosure so they are also less expensive. They are electronically the same as the larger heads except for the lack of the household sync jack. It is true that the Basic Extra Small Heads are the only ones currently offered without a modeling light which is one of the reasons that it is less expensive than all the rest of the Lumedyne Heads. It also saves money by avoiding duplicating the Power Pack's ready indicator on the Head. This is the best value for a Flash Head that just flashes, and does it well. This Head includes a grid and diffusor set with the reflector and standard non-modeling Flashtube (AFSE).
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The HSBC Basic Extra Small Head is the best value we offer for a powerful 800ws Flash Head.  It uses the exact same circuit as the larger Heads but is rearranged to fit the smaller space.  The key thing that the Head is missing is the household sync connection because it was too large to fit into this very small new enclosure. 


The Head just flashes, even at high power!  It does have a test fire button if you want to manually flash it.  It has a mini-phone sync connection for your camera or slave unit.  That’s it, and it does not have any extra indicators or drain on the system.  Lumedyne Power Packs all have a ready indicator on them.


Because many of our current customers use their Lumedyne Flash as an off camera flash system, the straight cable length is now seven feet long (7’) to better facilitate keeping the Pack down low while the Head is up high on a light stand.  A Velcro tie is built-onto the cable to wrap it up for packing or in-use along with the lightstand.


The Basic Extra Small Heads always include an 800ws AFSE Standard Flashtube and an AR5K Black Reflector Kit with Grid and Diffusor.  The face of the Extra Small Heads have four additional threaded inserts that allow the use of additional professional accessories like the separate APBR Bowens™ ProPlate Adapter that fits all Bowens™ style reflectors and light modifiers.

APBR Bowens Reflector Adapter             APBR with Bowens style beautydish


This is the first series of Heads from Lumedyne without a household sync connection so be sure to get a mini-phone sync cable for your camera or slave unit.  The sync cord is not included.  If you desire a different custom length of Head Cable on your Head then you should contact Lumedyne directly.


California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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AFTE 800ws Flashtube for Modeling Flash Heads

AFTE Flashtubes fit all of the existing Lumedyne Flash Heads with or without the modeling light feature. They also fit in the new Extra Small Heads. They can be used at low power as well but should not be used above 800ws per Head as that is the upper rating of this flashtube's performance. The Flashtubes push/pull straight in/out and they will last for tens of thousands of flashes or one face down fall onto a hard surface. Any of the Heads can use this flashtube, however, the modeling lamp itself is separate and this flashtube does not convert a non-modeling Head to have that feature.

HC20 Straight 20 Foot Head Cable

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BSML Small Battery NiCd

The BSML Battery provides 100 flashes at 200ws with a 48 month pro-rate warranty. It uses a single deck of NiCd battery cells and is about 1.5 inches tall and weighs just under a pound and a half.