ASC1 Standard Household to PC Sync Cord

The ASC1 is the short coiled sync cord that would plug from the round sync jack on many professional cameras to the household sync jack on many Lumedyne Flash Heads. It is about two feet long before stretching the coils out and could reach almost five feet (but might not shrink back all the way if stretched too far).
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

This was the sync cord of choice when photographers used camera brackets and Classic Flash Heads for event photography.  We use Paramount brand American made products whenever possible including this sync cord.

For over 45 years, the Lumedyne Heads have had a two blade connecter to sync with that look a little like a household plug.  This is nicknamed the household end of the cord.  Cameras with a sync PC connection on them can always handle the voltage range of any generation of Flash Heads that we have ever made.  


However, only normal care should be used when using a hot-shoe to PC adpater on your camera's hot shoe because prior to 1992, the sync voltage of the Lumedyne Heads was higher to work best with manual cameras.  And then, after 1992 the sync voltage is lower to work safely with electronic cameras.  If your Head is made before 1992, a sync filter like the Wein™ SafeSync should be used to adapt your hot-shoe into a PC connection.  

If your Head is newer than 1992 then it has the lower sync voltage then any brand of Hot-Shoe to PC Adpater will work fine (if it gets a good connection in your shoe?).  You also can plug these directly to the PC on the camera as well.

As a reminder, the newest Extra Small Heads do not have the two pin sync jack (household) on them and must use a different cord with the mini-phone connector.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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