Lumedyne is location lighting and portable professional flash equipment.

We offer Cyclers and the X to power other brands of flashes.  And, we have a modular flash system that has a proven track record of being a highly reliable source of light for professional photographers for over 45 years.

To build a full flash system, you wil need a Power Pack, a Flash Head, a Battery and a Charger.  Some added cables and accessories might be a great addition and you need to trigger the system with a radio or light slave or a sync cord.

We have photographers on staff to answer your questions, so give us a call and let us help you create your own perfect lighting solution for on location.

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XPS? AC Power Supply - 30 Amp International

This Power Supply can power a Lumedyne system from any AC wall outlet worldwide. It has an interchangeable AC power cord and you select that at purchase, but the default is the American cable as the XPSU. This AC Power Supply is small and lightweight. It's only about three inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds, yet it can keep your Lumedyne recycling all day long.

ASKT Strap Adapter For Two Piece Cyclers

This durable cloth adapter with two D-rings is designed for supporting your two piece Lumedyne Cyclers and their attached Battery by a shoulder strap since those Cyclers did not include any shoulder strap D-rings.

P2NX Next Generation 200ws Power Pack

The P2NX is a great addition to the modular Lumedyne system. Many existing classic Lumedyne Packs have the higher power settings from 50ws and higher, but this Pack also offers a lower power settings of 25ws. There is a switch to select fast or extra fast recycling times. The Pack also has a seven light battery gauge and works with all generations of Heads, Batteries, AC Supplies, Boosters and Speed Modules.

ASNT Snoot (Silver and Straight) As Supplied With Most Heads

This is the straight silver tube that you may remember from your Flash Head box when it was new. You can use it for flashtube protection or for a simple snoot to limit the light to a very small area.

BMHL Large Battery NiMh

The BMHL Large Battery provides 450 flashes at 200ws with a Four Year pro-rate warranty. It uses three decks of high amp hour NiMh battery cells and is about 3 inches tall and weighs just over four pounds.

P4NX Next Generation 400ws Power Pack

The P4NX is a powerful building block in the modular Lumedyne system. This Pack offers power settings from 50ws, 100ws, 200ws and 400ws. There is also a switch to select fast or extra fast recycling times. This is the basic workhorse for many location photographers who need high power to compete with daylight. The Pack also has a seven light battery gauge and works with all generations of Heads, Batteries, AC Supplies, Boosters and Speed Modules.

ASVL Adjustable Swivel With Stops

This is a simple addition to a bracket when you want to be able to aim the Head up and down. There are two adjustable disks that allow you to set the ending angle in each direction. Some set screws allow you to adjust the range of movement and it is designed to bolt onto 1/4-20 holes or use the nuts and bolts.

CH4? Quad Hyper International Charger with Battery Gauge

The Quad Hyper Chargers are Hyper fast, international, charge one to four batteries at once (at full speed) and have a seven light battery gauge to see the power level of your batteries. They also have damage protection, bad battery indications and use UL/CE power supplies internally. They use interchangeable standard power supply cables and you pick which country's cable you want to start with: USA, UK, EU, AU. Fast and powerful, these Chargers show you the condition of your batteries so you can better evaluate when there is a problem other than having trouble with your battery during a shoot. Hyper Chargers are intended only for modern Batteries build or modified since 2002 with the new PEPI. The Battery should have a serial number higher than 149300.

ATMF Accessory Tape Measure - For Lightstand To Subject Verification

The name says it all, except that there is a Sharpie™ marker included if you want to make permanent notes on this flat and writable tape measure that also works with a pencil for temporary notes. If you measure the light output at a given distance before your client is in front of you, then later when you are really shooting, it's easy to always get the exact right exposure without a lot of light-meter readings and extra flashes at your subject.