ABRA Bowens™ Reflector Adapter for Lumedyne Heads

The ABRA replaces the normal Lumedyne reflector and has a mounting plate that allows the use of any Bowens™ style reflector or accessories. It has a 1/4-20 mounting point to keep the weight of large light modifiers off of the plastic body of the Lumedyne Heads. There is a spring clip to lock the Bowens™ style reflector/accessory in place.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The ABRA has a round mount with three notches to match the Bowens™ “S-Type” reflectors and light modifiers and all of the many imitations.  It has a reflector lock and a ¼-20 mounting point.

It goes onto a Lumedyne style Head where the normal reflector would mount and allows the use of a wide range of light modifiers which are designed for that three point Bowens™ reflectors and soft boxes and so many other lighting tools.  Bowens™ may have invented the connection but several Chinese companies have produced a zillion inexpensive light modifiers with this mount.

The concept is to use this ABRA as an adapter interface.  Mount it on top of your umbrella mount or swivel with its own ¼-20 threaded mount and then add the Flash Head to the back of it while you mount your favorite S-Type reflector to the front.  This way, the large reflector is not stressing out the lightweight Lumedyne Head.  Rather, the lightweight Head is only supporting its own weight onto the ABRA Adapter.

The Flashtube and modeling light (if you have one) are center mounted right at the back of the light modifier and extend an inch or so inside past the ridge of the adapter.  This can then be used on location with Batteries or AC Power and while we cannot assume what your light output will be, it will remain consistent so you can expect professional results.

When you do this, the Lumedyne Flashtube is mounted in the center of the adapter in a similar position as the Bowens™ tube would be.  However, some reflectors or light modifiers might be better utilized if the flashtube was a bit more forward into the center of the modifier, in this case we recommend an ATTE Flashtube Extender which is sold separately.  It is not recommended to use the modeling light with the tube extender.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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The ATTE goes into a Flash Head where the Flashtube normally goes and adds about an inch to the position of the Flashtube from the face of the Head. This is generally preferred when you need a different coverage from a custom reflector than the tube provides from it's normal location.