AMBR Modeling Bulb (Halogen)

This is the normal replacement bulb for the glowing modeling light in the center of the Lumedyne Modeling style Flashtubes. It is about 25 watts bright and does use your battery at a rate of one 200ws flash per 20 seconds of modeling light use. It is user replaceable by simply first removing the flashtube then pulling the burned out bulb straight out. After carefully replacing the AMBR into its legs, the flashtube fits around it and plugs back into place.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The AMBR has always been the normal modeling bulb for any Lumedyne modeling style Head.  It has two small pins that fit into two small insulated legs that protrude from the center of the Lumedyne Flash Head's flashtube socket.  Use care when installing it to really slide the pins into the legs and not simply next to the leg in the sleeve.

Remember: If you were recently using the modeling bulb and are now exchanging it due to failure, it's going to be extremely hot.  Please use care.

Also remember for a longer bulb life be careful not to bang it, particularly when it is hot because that is when the filement inside is the most fragile.

The Modeling Bulb is about 25 watts and so it does drain the battery at about 2 amp hours.  It will drain a Medium sized NiCd Battery in about an hour if you just leave it on.  It is more intended to use for focusing assistance or checking if you will get reflections from glasses or background elements.  The modeling circuit does turn off during the recycling and then back on after each flash until you are done using it.

Don’t forget to turn it off and avoid wasting battery power when you don’t need it.  There are indicators on most heads to remind you when your modeling lamp is on. Avoid leaving it on during the day when you can hardly see it and it wouldn’t help with anything but will drain your battery. 

Hint: Some photographers just keep it out of the Head in their camera bag to avoid accidentally running the modeling lamp when they didn’t mean to and then only plug it in before an evening or indoor shoot. I want it there “just in case” so I just pay attention to the modeling light indicator on the Heads.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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