ACAP Color Caps - Cloth covers in 7 different colors

These colorful fabric covers are designed to fit any five to six inch reflectors and use elastic to stay on the front of the reflector. They cast a very even and smooth broadcast of colored light due to the thin cloth diffusion material. The colors can be seen in the photo as all kits are the same selection.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.
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Color Caps just slip on the front of the reflector.  While they can work with grids and other diffusors in place, they are often used just over the open front of a reflector.  Each of the colors has a different level of light loss to accompany the shift in color.

While a gel set allows the light to go straight through it and just shift the color, the ACAP Color Caps provide ample diffusion to soften the light and create a much softer light in addition to the color shift.  This is particularly pleasant on both our subjects when we want to create effect and on our backgrounds for separation or mood.

While it is possible to use the modeling light when the cap is on, and that might make it easier to place it and see the effect, prolonged use of the modeling light should be avoided as the heat is forced right out of the end of the modeling flashtube against the cloth and could damage the center of the cloth cap.


I find these Color Caps especially useful when shooting pictures inside someone’s home.  I don’t want my picture to be a snapshot of what they see every day.  By applying a colored light to a slightly under exposed background I can enhance the wall with several shades of color and effects.  Then, when they see the images, the colored background always amazes them.

Don’t be normal, be amazing… Color Caps might help.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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