Lumedyne is location lighting and portable professional flash equipment.

We offer Cyclers and the X to power other brands of flashes.  And, we have a modular flash system that has a proven track record of being a highly reliable source of light for professional photographers for over 45 years.

To build a full flash system, you wil need a Power Pack, a Flash Head, a Battery and a Charger.  Some added cables and accessories might be a great addition and you need to trigger the system with a radio or light slave or a sync cord.

We have photographers on staff to answer your questions, so give us a call and let us help you create your own perfect lighting solution for on location.

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BC12 Vehicle Battery Adapter

The BC12 allows you to add your own car or marine battery inside of the container and flash for thousands of flashes per charge. These were originally invented for team sports photographers who needed to compete with full sunlight thousands of times per day while they are out in the middle of a field. Fashion photographers have used it the same way on a beach or the street...

ABCP Belt Clip for Cyclers and Classic Packs

This Belt Clip fits the Lumedyne HV Cyclers and many of the Classic Packs that had inserts for the use of one or two belt clips. There are different hole spacings between the Classic Cyclers and Packs and the newest Cyclers so this belt clip has three holes to fit any of those products.

ABRA Bowens™ Reflector Adapter for Lumedyne Heads

The ABRA replaces the normal Lumedyne reflector and has a mounting plate that allows the use of any Bowens™ style reflector or accessories. It has a 1/4-20 mounting point to keep the weight of large light modifiers off of the plastic body of the Lumedyne Heads. There is a spring clip to lock the Bowens™ style reflector/accessory in place.

ACAP Color Caps - Cloth covers in 7 different colors

These colorful fabric covers are designed to fit any five to six inch reflectors and use elastic to stay on the front of the reflector. They cast a very even and smooth broadcast of colored light due to the thin cloth diffusion material. The colors can be seen in the photo as all kits are the same selection.

ACCP Single Red Head Jack Cover

The single red cover for a Lumedyne Head jack is ready to cover one Head jack when not in use. It is one of the same ones that were included with the Classic Power Packs. It has no holes in it, so it is best sealed but it is not water proof. This is the individual little red round cover that most people eventually lost that came standard on the Classic Packs or the ones attached with a leash to the front of the modern Packs.

ACCX Two Red Head Jack Covers secured together

The set of two red covers for the Head jacks are secured together by a short nylon line. There is enough length between them to also go through the D-ring and stay secured to the Power Pack. These are similar to the individual covers that most people eventually lost that came standard on the Classic Packs or the ones attached to the front of the modern Packs.

PLSX 50ws Power Pack with built in LiFePo4 battery

The PLSX is an awesome small Pack with settings at 6ws, 12ws 25ws and 50ws. This is a super small and fast solution for photographers who need less power than they used to use but still want the quality of light that Lumedyne is famous for. This Pack is not modular but has a built in Lithium LiFePo4 battery inside of it. At full 50ws it provides at least 1000 flashes per charge and recharges in just over an hour. It gives many times more flashes at the lower power settings.

VXCA Flash Recycle Accelerator X for Canon™ Flashes

This is the worlds smallest high voltage pack to help your Canon™ on-camera flash recycle twice as fast and last twice as long compared to using AA batteries alone. It's so small that it plugs directly in and doesn't need any extra cables. It is sold with the USB chargers and cables for home and auto. VXCA is the Canon™ Flash Recycle Accelerator

ADC1 Diffusor Cover / UV Filter - Clear

This is one of two diffusors that simply snap onto the silver 5" reflectors that we have made for about 45 years. This version is the more clear diffusor that will lose only 1/3 of an f-stop as it slightly softens and diffuses the light going through it. Some UV light is absorbed as well so the light is softer and warmer than when direct from the reflector.