ADG4 Soft Diffuser Globe - 6 Inch

The ADG4 is a very simple but effective way to spread the light over a very wide area. While it does diffuse away 2.5 f-stops from the hottest part of the non-diffused direct reflector, it also spreads the light coverage from about 60 degrees to over 180 degrees. It is not perfectly even on a reflector in order to allow you to still aim the light where you want it the strongest, but it is perfectly even if you mount it "bare bulb" for that purpose.
Manufacturer: Lumedyne, Inc.

The Diffusor Globe is plastic so it is very lightweight and very difficult to break.  It attaches to the reflector with four monster pieces of Velcro “hook” so it’s not going to fall off accidentally.  It scatters the light the most of any diffuser of any brand.  It loses about 2 f-stops from the bare reflector. Because it’s plastic, it also absorbs some UV light and tends to warm the color temperature by over 100 degrees Kelvin.

We provide a 15” long piece of adhesive Velcro “loop” strip to place all the way around one reflector’s outer edge or cut into pieces to place around more than one reflector or also onto the body of the Head for bare bulb attachment.

I have been told that this produces the most natural looking non-directional light source that you can use to create directional soft lighting.  Indoors or outdoors it is a winner with lighting assistants.  Not only is it small and lightweight, but because it spreads the light so effectively, if your assistants accidentally aim it off the wrong way by up to nearly 90 degrees then you still get a reasonable exposure rather than the cut off lighting on your subject or the background of a direct reflector’s end of field of view.  If you want to halt using it, and go back to direct flash, you can even just hang it behind the reflector by the same Velcro.

The ADG4 like many great inventions is a product of laziness. When I wanted a single light source to easily light hotel rooms and other moderate sized spaces at a power level that would blend with the lights in a room and yet light it enough so that daylight outside was not very overwhelming (especially when there was a nice view to be seen out the window or door)…

I found that a bare bulb flash over exposed things that were close by in the wide angle field of view.  It did a great job of using the walls and ceiling as bounce sources but ultimately it was a very small light source making super hard shadows if I didn’t get enough bounce and it was always brightest near itself.

A normal Lumedyne parabolic reflector covered the room better by allowing me to shoot deeper into the room with the brighter center part of the light and with gradually less light at the edges, but since all the flash was coming from a five inch area, shadows were still very hard and considerable.  I got much less bounce from the walls and ceiling unless I deliberately bounced the reflector in that direction.  If shooting down onto people, that can be great but when shooting a wide angle image of the room, it’s all about an even wall to wall exposure.


After numerous experiments, this simple and slightly oversized diffusor ball proved to offer the best compromise about giving a brighter center illumination when used with the reflector to push light deeper into the center of where its aimed while also sending loads of light sideways and even backwards to bounce off of all the possible reflective areas around. 

This has a super wide field of view of the light source that is sending light way beyond 180 degrees forward. For this reason we warn you about lens flare and encourage you to consider placing the head further back to avoid light spilling onto the face of your lens.

These are fully made in the USA. These are blow molded in Texas and customized in our factory in Florida.  Don’t be fooled by the fragile glass or hard glossy plastic imitators, this rugged and simple product has inspired many copies that appear far more complex or “finished” none do a better job of spreading the light with the least possible light loss and best color temperature, period.

California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING
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