Lumedyne is location lighting and portable professional flash equipment.

We offer Cyclers and the X to power other brands of flashes.  And, we have a modular flash system that has a proven track record of being a highly reliable source of light for professional photographers for over 45 years.

To build a full flash system, you wil need a Power Pack, a Flash Head, a Battery and a Charger.  Some added cables and accessories might be a great addition and you need to trigger the system with a radio or light slave or a sync cord.

We have photographers on staff to answer your questions, so give us a call and let us help you create your own perfect lighting solution for on location.

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ADC2 Diffusor Cover / UV Filter - Cloudy

This is one of two diffusors that simply snap onto the silver 5" reflectors that we have made for about 45 years. This version is the more cloudy diffusor that will lose almost an f-stop as it considerably softens and diffuses the light going through it. Some UV light is absorbed as well so the light is softer and warmer than when direct from the reflector.

VXNA Flash Recycle Accelerator X for Nikon™ Flashes

This is the worlds smallest high voltage pack to help your Nikon™ on-camera flash recycle twice as fast and last twice as long compared to using AA batteries alone. It's so small that it plugs directly in and doesn't need any extra cables. It is sold with the USB chargers and cables for home and auto. VXNA is the Nikon™ Flash Recycle Accelerator

ADG4 Soft Diffuser Globe - 6 Inch

The ADG4 is a very simple but effective way to spread the light over a very wide area. While it does diffuse away 2.5 f-stops from the hottest part of the non-diffused direct reflector, it also spreads the light coverage from about 60 degrees to over 180 degrees. It is not perfectly even on a reflector in order to allow you to still aim the light where you want it the strongest, but it is perfectly even if you mount it "bare bulb" for that purpose.

AGFK Gel Filter Kit for 5" Reflectors

The Gel Filter Kit is a plastic ring adapter that allows the use of 6 inch square or circular gel filters with any five inch reflector. The adapter allows you to sandwich in between it's disks, one or more color, diffuser, or neutral density filters to modify the light coming straight out of the reflectors. The kit includes three common color temperature shifts to make the flash look more like indoor lighting color temperatures; one green one for florescent, one yellow one for incandescent and one darker yellow for halide lamps like at a sports complex.

AHUA Head To Umbrella Lightstand Adapter With Swivel

The AHUA is an umbrella adapter that mounts on top of a lightstand and swivels to angle the umbrella and the light to the right angle. It includes two separate spigots that are threaded, one is the male with 1/4-20 and 3/16-20 threaded posts and the other is the female opposite. Once you screw the threaded 1/4-20 post into the Lumedyne Head it can be quickly and securely mounted to the lightstand at any angle.

ANEC Neck/Flange for Lumedyne to Custom Reflector

Use the ANEC when you want to make your own reflector or light modifier. This has the right size neck to fit the Lumedyne Heads and other brands too. It even has the notches to guide between the normal and wide angle flashtube positions. The rear flange portion has four mounting holes to allow you to create a reflector from nearly any surface.

BSML Small Battery NiCd

The BSML Battery provides 100 flashes at 200ws with a 48 month pro-rate warranty. It uses a single deck of NiCd battery cells and is about 1.5 inches tall and weighs just under a pound and a half.

VHTF TinyCycler

Smallest High Voltage Cycler to recycle your flash faster. It has a built in NiMh battery. The memory fee battery has a 100 month pro-rate warranty with over 350 guaranteed full power flashes per charge. Includes a black Neoprene sleeve. Charger and Cables sold separately.

APBR Bowens™ Pro-Plate Adapter for Extra Small Heads

This adapter connects Bowens™ S Mount style reflectors and accessories to the front of the Extra Small Flash Heads. The Signature Heads can also be adapted to use this mount by getting a new face plate. It has a lock to hold the reflector in place and a 1/4-20 mount for the lightstand so that there is no added stress to the Flash Head regardless of the size of the light modifier used.