These accessories help use the Lumedyne gear and add creative options.  There are also other brands of accessories offered by the companies who copied our reflector style.

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ARWD 80/95 Degree Wider Angles Reflector For All Heads

The ARWD is a silver five inch reflector and it has a shorter neck than the Standard one. That's why it sets further back from the flashtube and broadcasts a wider angle of coverage. This creates a wider broadcast of light within a one f-stop range with the first setting at a wide 80 degrees. In the first setting it is about as wide as the wider setting of the normal reflector but then it goes to extra wide 95 degrees coverage when it drops back into its dual notches.

ASBA Softbox Adapter for Chimera, Photoflex, Westcott & Others

This square softbox speed ring is made of plastic and surrounds a machined aluminum center neck that replaces the Lumedyne reflector so the flashtube is well inside the back of the softbox. It has a 1/4-20 threaded mount to use directly on the lightstand or with a swivel so even large square and rectangular softboxes can be used. The Flash Head is hanging onto the rear at the reflector mount but without any leverage or weight on it.

ASCP Switch Caps (Set of Two)

The set of two switch caps include a red and white one for the top of the Lumedyne Power Packs. Using the switch covers helps extend the lifespan of the switch by keeping dust and debris out of it.

ASDL Padded Weight Reduction Shoulder Strap

This is a high quality Op/Tech shoulder strap designed for years of use with elastic and neoprene springs that engage in making it comfortable and feeling like there is less weight on your shoulder while you carry the Lumedyne Pack system around.

ASHO Cold Shoe Adapter With 1/4-20 Threaded Screw

This small adapter is designed for items that might mount on top of a camera style hot-shoe that you would rather mount on top of your Lumedyne Head. A Pocket Wizard™ or other brand of radio slave is a good example of what might be mounted in this shoe. It does not transmit the sync signals all the appropriate sync cords are still used, it's just a solid mounting point.

ASKT Strap Adapter For Two Piece Cyclers

This durable cloth adapter with two D-rings is designed for supporting your two piece Lumedyne Cyclers and their attached Battery by a shoulder strap since those Cyclers did not include any shoulder strap D-rings.

ASNT Snoot (Silver and Straight) As Supplied With Most Heads

This is the straight silver tube that you may remember from your Flash Head box when it was new. You can use it for flashtube protection or for a simple snoot to limit the light to a very small area.

ASVL Adjustable Swivel With Stops

This is a simple addition to a bracket when you want to be able to aim the Head up and down. There are two adjustable disks that allow you to set the ending angle in each direction. Some set screws allow you to adjust the range of movement and it is designed to bolt onto 1/4-20 holes or use the nuts and bolts.

ATMF Accessory Tape Measure - For Lightstand To Subject Verification

The name says it all, except that there is a Sharpie™ marker included if you want to make permanent notes on this flat and writable tape measure that also works with a pencil for temporary notes. If you measure the light output at a given distance before your client is in front of you, then later when you are really shooting, it's easy to always get the exact right exposure without a lot of light-meter readings and extra flashes at your subject.