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ABRA Bowens™ Reflector Adapter for Lumedyne Heads

The ABRA replaces the normal Lumedyne reflector and has a mounting plate that allows the use of any Bowens™ style reflector or accessories. It has a 1/4-20 mounting point to keep the weight of large light modifiers off of the plastic body of the Lumedyne Heads. There is a spring clip to lock the Bowens™ style reflector/accessory in place.

ANEC Neck/Flange for Lumedyne to Custom Reflector

Use the ANEC when you want to make your own reflector or light modifier. This has the right size neck to fit the Lumedyne Heads and other brands too. It even has the notches to guide between the normal and wide angle flashtube positions. The rear flange portion has four mounting holes to allow you to create a reflector from nearly any surface.

APBR Bowens™ Pro-Plate Adapter for Extra Small Heads

This adapter connects Bowens™ S Mount style reflectors and accessories to the front of the Extra Small Flash Heads. The Signature Heads can also be adapted to use this mount by getting a new face plate. It has a lock to hold the reflector in place and a 1/4-20 mount for the lightstand so that there is no added stress to the Flash Head regardless of the size of the light modifier used.

AR12 12" Beautydish Reflector With Diffuser And Grid

The AR12 is a 12 inch Beautydish reflector that has a center deflector that blocks the light coming directly from the flashtube. That creates a softer looking image without the normal specularity of a small flash. In addition to being 12 inches across the front and thus more than four times bigger than the normal reflector, it also includes a cloth diffuser for an even softer look. Lastly, a grid is included that snaps into the front of the reflector and limits the light output to less than 50 degrees.

AR5K 5" Black Reflector Kit with Grid and Diffuser

The AR5K is the normal size as we have used for all of these years which is five inches across. This reflector is black on the outside with a shiny silver finish inside. The kit includes a grid to keep the angle limited to about 40 degrees. A simple plastic diffuser cover is also included.

ARSG Black Snoot With Grid Set

The small ARSG Snoot fits over the Lumedyne flashtubes where the reflector normally mounts and tightens into place like any other reflector. It has a narrow opening for the light to escape at the open end. In addition to this limited field of view, the beam of light can be further limited and controlled with the small grid that fits the end of the snoot.

ARST Standard Dual Angle Silver Reflector For All Heads

The ARST is the normal two position Reflector that we include with most all of our Flash Heads when new. It has a hammer dimple finish on a parabolic shape that is award winning in its design in relationship to the flashtube. When it is sitting in the forward position it is normal coverage and when it drops back into the two notches, it broadcasts a wider angle.

ARWD 80/95 Degree Wider Angles Reflector For All Heads

The ARWD is a silver five inch reflector and it has a shorter neck than the Standard one. That's why it sets further back from the flashtube and broadcasts a wider angle of coverage. This creates a wider broadcast of light within a one f-stop range with the first setting at a wide 80 degrees. In the first setting it is about as wide as the wider setting of the normal reflector but then it goes to extra wide 95 degrees coverage when it drops back into its dual notches.

ASNT Snoot (Silver and Straight) As Supplied With Most Heads

This is the straight silver tube that you may remember from your Flash Head box when it was new. You can use it for flashtube protection or for a simple snoot to limit the light to a very small area.